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flexwing microlight manufacturers

A flexwing microlight is the most popular type of light aviation aircraft with open cockpits giving you unrivalled views. Also known as ‘weight shift’ microlights, they look like hang gliders on a trike and are controlled by moving the pilot’s weight to control the direction of travel.

Many flexwing microlights are also designed to fold up, providing you with easy storage if you don’t have much space at home.

P&M Aviation

Founded in the late 1990’s by the merger of two small UK microlight manufacturers Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation, P&M Aviation are recognized as one of the world’s leading light aircraft producers with an exciting range of flexwing microlights. Their aircraft meet and exceed the stringent certification requirements of the British Civil Aviation Authority – the toughest in the world today.

Their latest model the HypeR was launched at the weekend at the Microlight Trade Fair at Popham, Hants. This flexwing microlight trike has been designed for long distance touring comfort and offers adjustable seating with ample underseat storage. It also features a tall wrap around windscreen which is said to reduce turbulence and buffeting for both pilot and passenger.

At East of Scotland Microlights we are delighted to offer a choice of P&M Aviation wing and trike models. We will be pleased to help you decide which model would be most suitable for you, advise on accessories and colours of trike and wing and assist with the registration of your new microlight with the CAA. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be on hand to guide you through the entire process.

Sherburn Aero Club

Sherburn Aero Club is one of the largest flying clubs in North England. It offers members a variety of aircraft and a friendly community of aviation lovers. The club also connects buyers and sellers to help them find the perfect aircraft for their needs.

The club’s fleet of light aircraft is suitable for beginner pilots and recreational enthusiasts. These aeroplanes are easier to fly than larger, more complex aircraft. This makes them the preferred choice of many beginners and recreational pilots who are looking to maximise enjoyment. However, some pilots are looking for a more challenging and rewarding experience. These are often called “microlights”.

The Sherburn Aero Club’s fleet of microlights includes the new 560 kg EuroFox. The new microlight is powered by a 160 hp fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO320 engine and has a three-blade MT propeller. It also has a single piece canopy and is fully aerobatic +6 – 3G. Standing charges are PS80 per month payable by direct debit and flying costs are wet at PS90 per hour. The group limits forward bookings to two sessions a year to maintain availability. The airfield is located at Sherburn-in-Elmet village, 5.5 NM (5.2 km; 3.9 mi) west of Selby. It has a grass runway with reinforcement matting and a permanent Display of Wind Directions on Runway 10/28.

P&M Aircraft Ltd

The company builds a range of world class flexwing microlights, drawing on over a quarter of a century of experience in design and manufacture. These aircraft embody proven innovations and provide the ultimate flying experience. The company’s aircraft are designed to UK Section S rules and meet worldwide requirements.

P&M Aviation Ltd is the result of a merger between Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation, two of the UK’s top microlight manufacturers. Its small versatile workforce creates world class ultralight category aircraft for discerning customers all over the world. The management team is only one step away from the factory floor which fosters a highly motivated work culture in this specialised company.

During the construction process, the company carries out stringent inspections and tests on the aircraft. It also provides maintenance services for its products. Its maintenance manual states that small holes, cuts, or rips can be repaired on the field, but anything larger must be fixed at an approved workshop. The company also repairs wing damage and replaces components such as propellers. The company’s wing is made of Dacron fabric, which has a series of holes in the leading edge to allow air to enter between the layers and inflate it during flight. This keeps the wing in shape against the pressure of air, which provides greater efficiency.