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microlight flight

Microlight flight is one of the most affordable ways to take to the skies. Unlike other pilot licences it does not require long hours of training and the cost of ongoing maintenance is far less than with a more advanced aircraft. This makes it an ideal option for amateur pilots who would like to fly for themselves before committing to the expensive training required for a more advanced licence.

Microlites are smaller and lighter than conventional light aircraft. They are also more stable in flight and can often be used for short distances. They are particularly suitable for flying over remote countryside and rural villages. They are also surprisingly economical, with fuel costs being a fraction of the price of a normal light aircraft.

There are two main types of microlight aircraft; weight shift (or flexiwing) and three axis. The former is developed from hang gliders and the pilot sits in an open cockpit, whilst the latter is more similar to a fixed wing aircraft.

Generally, weight shift microlights are slower than conventional light aircraft and offer a more relaxed flight. This can be great for those who enjoy the feeling of being in the sky and taking in the sights.

In terms of visibility, they are more difficult to see from ground level, but they do offer a better view when they are above the clouds. These can be quite spectacular and are a great way to see the beautiful scenery of the UK from above!

They are easy to use and safe, with many BMAA-approved microlight inspectors in the UK. They are much less expensive to fly, service and maintain than a light aircraft and can often be bought into a group which reduces the cost of ownership.

These are a great way to discover the amazing beauty of a country’s countryside from above, as well as the spectacular wildlife that inhabits it. For instance, the spectacular Victoria Falls in Zambia is accessible by air!

Located just outside Livingstone town, this microlight experience takes off from the Batoka Sky “Maramba” Aerodrome and takes in the magnificent Victoria Falls a mere 30 seconds after take off. The flight covers a circuit of the Falls as well as providing fantastic views over the Zambezi River and rainforest.

There are a variety of scenic flights to choose from, ranging in duration from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The flight is very comfortable, and there’s a full bar with tea, coffee and hot chocolate provided on all trips.

It’s a fun and exciting activity for everyone, including children. It’s also an excellent activity for couples or a family as you can have a private session for just the two of you!

The Gap-Tallard airfield is the perfect place to experience this type of flight, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and lakes. This is a truly magical place to take to the skies and you will never forget your first scenic flight in one of these small aircraft!