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Microlight Aircraft

Whether you are a recreational flyer, looking for an affordable way to get into flying, or an aero sport enthusiast, microlight aircraft may be just for you. They are smaller, more cost effective, and have many of the same features of a light aircraft, such as easy takeoff and landing, and can be flown on regular automotive fuel. They also have some advantages over light aircraft, such as higher performance and a lower price.

microlight aircraft
Microlight aircraft are controlled by a rudder pedal and stick, like conventional light aircraft. Microlights also respond to a normal aileron and elevator. However, unlike other types of aircraft, they are controlled remotely. Microlight aircraft have a weight restriction of about 500 kilograms.

Microlight aircraft can be operated during civil twilight, which is 30 minutes before official sunrise and 30 minutes after official sunset. In addition, they must not be operated within controlled airspace, such as airspace above a flightpath. They must also be equipped with an operating anti-collision light visible for at least three seconds.

Microlights are generally classified into two types: three axis and flexwing. The three axis microlights are very similar to conventional aeroplanes, with rigid wings that respond to normal aileron and elevator controls. Flexwings, on the other hand, have a delta wing that is controlled by a control bar. Flexwings are also sometimes referred to as Powered Paragliders.

In order to fly microlight aircraft in India, you need a Microlight Pilot License (PL(M)). In order to obtain the license, you need to have completed a flight training program that meets the requirements of the regulations in your jurisdiction. In addition, you must pass an examination on flight procedures and navigation. A microlight aircraft must also be registered with a relevant authority.

The PL(M) requires an applicant to have at least 40 hours of flight training and to pass an examination on the applicable regulations. You may also be required to pass a medical examination. Generally, the average cost of a microlight aircraft licence is around five thousand dollars to six thousand dollars. However, if you self-declare, you can save some money.

Microlight aircraft are subject to regular inspections and checks. They must be registered and type accepted by the DGCA, which oversees microlight flying in India. Some microlight aircraft are also subject to other requirements, such as weight restrictions. Microlight aircraft are also subject to rules on the number of people allowed to pilot them. Depending on the model, these aircraft can carry one or two passengers.

In India, microlight aircraft can be purchased or imported. Imported aircraft must meet the requirements of the DGCA R&D Division, which issues a type acceptance certificate for microlight aircraft. Moreover, microlight aircraft are subject to a variety of additional rules and regulations. These rules may include a maximum take off weight, weight limit, maximum speed, and more.

Microlight aircraft are generally restricted to recreational flying during the day. However, ultralights can be operated during civil twilight, if they meet certain FAA requirements. Ultralights can also be stored on grass strips. However, ultralights must not be operated in controlled airspace. Ultralights must also be equipped with an operating anti-collision lighting system that is visible for at least three seconds.