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Mac cdl microlight are aircraft which are not regulated in the same way as regular airliners. The extent to which they are restricted in how, when and where they may be operated varies between different regulatory jurisdictions.

There are two basic types of microlight – three axis aircraft which look like normal aeroplanes and the weight shift (or flexwing) type which has a flexible wing on a tricycle undercarriage.

Safety First

The requirements for the operation of microlights and ultralights vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another but they usually include the requirement that they be operated by visual reference with the ground, a limit on the maximum height above the surface which may differ depending on the location and prevailing in flight weather conditions and / or a restriction on airspace access either conditionally (depending on air traffic control awareness or permission and / or prevailing in flight weather conditions) or completely. They are also normally exempt from normal aircraft licensing, pilot knowledge and medical fitness requirements. The ICAO definition of an ultralight aircraft is power-driven heavier-than-air vehicles not exceeding MTOM of 300 kg for a single seat landplane or floatplane and 495 kg for an amphibian or floatplane.

Easy to Fly

A microlight is a great option for those looking to experience flight without having to commit to a lot of hours towards obtaining a more advanced pilot’s licence. They also have lower maintenance fees due to their smaller size and simpler controls.

Breeze Aviation is a unique microlight training and flying experience located at Sherburn in Elmet. Their fleet includes the latest factory-built Eurofox microlights and a range of simulators for various training needs. Their unique training environment also offers helicopter training and charter, commercial flight training, and classic tiger moth experiences.

The Sherburn Aero Club is one of the largest aero clubs in Northern England. It is home to a large fleet of light aircraft and provides microlight training, flight charter, helicopter training, and more. In addition, it provides a range of simulators to help new pilots gain confidence before flying real planes. Its training program is based on the RAF-style syllabus and has been designed to prepare students for future careers in the air force, police, and other military fields.