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RC Microlights are sophisticated in design, easy to fly and highly durable. They are powered by brushless motors and metal gear servos. They operate through a “Weight-shift” control system and perform like full scale microlights and autogyros without the need for king-post, landing wires, and luff-lines. This is a MIA innovative trademark feature.

MIA EZ(tm) Trike 1.0

The MIA EZ(tm) Trike 1.0 is a very sophisticated RC Model Electric-Powered Microlight, or powered hang glider. It is assembled, set up and flown much like the real thing – but via radio control – simpler and quicker. The wing is operated by weight shift control via servo link control from the rudder pedals (called “Indirect Control” in RC Microlight design terms). The main frame uses our MIA Flex(tm) press-fit connectors and MIA TUFF(tm) select light-weight metal and plastic parts to create a highly durable and crash-resistant structure. A 1092W peak rear hub motor drives a open differential axle for power and braking on both the front and rear wheels. 180 mm front and rear hydraulic brakes plus parking brakes provide a safe ride and good handling.

The EZ(tm) Trike requires a programmable 4-6 channel radio TX with Elevon mixing, matching RX and 500-800 mAh 2S-3S Li-Pol battery and charger for operation. Completed kits are shipped with the usual MIA “Kit Contents Checklist” and detailed Videos and Instructions.

MIA Condor(tm)

The Condor(tm) was one of the first MIA RC Microlights and was designed for durability, realism, and great flight performance. It utilizes an ultralight rip-stop nylon sail wing and bolt on carbon-aluminum frame. It features a similar control function “Weight-shift”, as used on rc autogyros and full scale rotorcraft, which allows the Condor to be flown as either a fixed or rotary wing aircraft. This and other MIA innovative trademark features, such as the Robo Pilot, TUFF hardware, custom pocketing, stiching and proprietary airfoil forming battens, are still utilized in today’s MIA RC Microlight designs.